Book Keeping for Small Businesses

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Keep your own book keeping records on a spreadsheet and save money on accountants' fees. Even if you use an accountant for your year end accounts and tax returns, your fees should be less if you keep good records of your expenses and income.


Downlaod this free book keeping template includes the formulas which keep a running total of your bank balance. This enables you to have better control over your cash flow, as you can see at a glance what your bank balance is on a daily basis.


Create a column for each type of expense and a column for the business income. Total the columns to show the income and expenses for each financial year. The opening balance is the amount on your bank statement at 31 March, or for a new business, the day before starting the business. Create a new sheet for each financial year, starting 1 April.


If you do not have any spreadsheet software, a free version can be downloaded at


An alternative method of book keeping is to use accounts software such as Quickbooks.



Book Keeping Spreadsheets

book-keeping spreadsheet


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